Ever since Veronica Ferraro started working in fashion, she has always had the desire to create her own brand. A brand that could represent her, characterized by the union of activewear garments with a more sporty feel and more streetwear but at the same time sensual and feminine garments, garments that were an expression of her everyday dressing.

A peculiarity of the brand is the concept of inclusiveness, desired by Veronica since her first Capsule Collection "NOT AFTER TEN X YOOX" and expressed today through the iconic Sunrise bodysuit suitable for everyone.

But not only that, the mission of NOT AFTER TEN, in addition to designing and creating garments that become must haves for all fashion addicts like Veronica, also wants to be to disseminate motivational phrases that have always accompanied the influencer in his life and are become real “ways of living” .

“Honor Yourself”

“Enjoy sunrise”

“Protect your energy”

“Wake up early”


“Never beg anyone to stay”

“Stop overthinking”

The motivational phrases, reported on the labels since its very first collection, are intended to be an inspiration for all young girls but also a help to hold on in difficult times for anyone who purchases a NOT AFTER TEN garment.

The brand created by Veronica is not afraid to go outside the box ; Each girl within the team does not see NOT AFTER TEN just as a fashion brand but as a lifestyle and creation of a community of girls who share the same messages.